BJC Past Papers

This is the place to access past BJC papers to build exam confidence.  Click on the papers below.

BJC Language Arts Past Papers

BJC Mathematics Past Papers

BJC Social Studies Past Papers

BJC Religious Studies Past Papers

BJC General Science Past Papers

BJC Health Science Past Papers


To access the Bahamas Ministry of Education Curriculum booklets, Click here.


  • Ebony Wilson

    Do you have the answers to BJC 2013 Language Paper 1,2 & 3?

  • Gwen

    Hello this site is very useful, how can i locate resources for english language listening comprehension.

  • http://googl jeffrey pierre

    i need help with maths please help me i found it difficult

  • Brakell Newton

    Hello this site is very usefull. I will tell my friends about it. I am going to take bjc next year and this is a good prep. But I only need health sciencd papers please.

    • Tansey

      Brakell, that’s great to hear!

  • Jordyn Pinder

    hey i love this website because it is very helpful for students like myself.


    • Tansey

      Thanks Jordyn! We’ll be updating the site with more past papers and content which I hope can be of help to you.

  • Tansey

    Hi Zak,
    You’re right. I’ll fix that! Thank you.


  • Zak

    Sorry to interrupt but I noticed that on the Health Science cover page that on you got the BJC and BGCSE title mixed up. Other than that great job!!! ;-)

  • Tansey

    Hi Tatyanna,
    Here is the link to the papers which I have for ‘Usage and Appreciation’;

    I hope it helps!


  • Tansey

    Hi Neke,

    I’m sorry, but I will not be publishing any additional BJC (or BGCSE) papers prior to the 2013 exams.

    The next update will be in the summer 2013.


    • Jonny burrows

      Or man

    • http://googl jeffrey pierre

      health science answer key 1999 paper 1 and 2 i only see paper 1 i need help with mathematics please

  • neke

    hi do you think that you would be able publish any more past papers before bjc’s start?

  • Tansey

    Hi Cumberbatch,

    I just want to update my response to you and let you know that I’ve just posted answers to the BJC Health Science paper 1 year 1999. You can find the page here;


  • Tansey

    Okay that’s good!

  • Tansey

    Not at the moment. I’m sorry.

  • Tansey

    No problem!

  • Corolida Francis

    Thanks for taking time out to set up this web page to help bring success to students

  • cumberbatch

    Do you have the answers for Language Arts,Religion Studies and Health Science

  • Tansey

    Hi Krissy,
    At the moment I have papers 1, 2 and 3 for Language Arts year 2011. Paper 2 is “Usage and Appreciation”. I’m not sure if that is what you might be looking for.

    I’ll keep your request in mind as we update the site with more papers.


    • Krissy

      yes that is what i am looking for thank you :)

    • Tatyanna

      Hi, I’m in need of Language arts paper 2 and 3 “usage and appreciation” Can you help me?

  • Krissy

    Hi :) i’m taking BJC’s this year and a part of the Language Arts BJC is literary appreciation which is of of my weak spots. I was wondering if you have any of the past Literary Appreciation papers. If so can you please email them to me.

  • deangleo bartlett

    i need halp

  • jhannel Black

    Wouldn’t it be more helpful if the questions also included the answers.

    • Tansey

      Hi Jhannel, yes we have answers to some of the papers which you can purchase on Additionally, at the moment, all new subscribers to the website, receive free answers to a couple of the exam papers.

  • BJC Taker

    So these are 2011 BJC Papers ?

    • Tansey

      The past papers are from different years!


    i need all the paper guys have for science, R.K. Language and Maths

    • Tansey

      I recently posted the full papers for BGCSE maths, and BGCSE Biology online. MCQ’s for general science, combined science are also here. I am working on the remainder of the papers. Keep checking back or if you like, you can sign up to be notified by email.

  • ricardo

    Would you send me some more B.J.C past papers for english language

  • ricardo

    Would you send me some more bjc past papers.

    • Tansey

      I will email you once they are available.

      • http://googl jeffrey pierre

        any classes for maths tansey