Free BJC Health Science Past Papers

There is no need to go into your exam unprepared.  Get your free download of the B.J.C Health Science past papers here. Just click on the booklet you wish to download now.

Click here to download 1999 Health Science

This booklet contains scanned copies of the Bahamas Ministry of Education B.J.C Health Science Past papers, year 1999, Papers 1 & 2.

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  • Tansey

    Hi Janette,
    You are welcome, and I agree with you! It is important to know the content and acquire the skills needed to sit the exams.

    I wish you and the students all the best with your practice and preparations.


  • Jannette

    this website is very powerful. I am using the past papers to assist my youth group at church. As an Educator for three years at one of the Government Schools in New Providence, I saw the importance of the need to teach the students exam skills as well as content.

    Many thanks.

  • cumberbatch

    Do you have any other papers for Health Science

    • Tansey

      Hi Cumberbatch,
      We’re adding more papers to the site over time. At the moment, this is all the papers we have for health science.


  • Terecita Woodside

    I need 2012 past papers in Math, Health Science and Language

    • Tansey

      Hi Terecita,
      I’m sorry but I do not have the 2012 BJC papers for those subjects.