BGCSE Past Papers

This is the spot for practicing for your BGCSE exam.

Click on the links below to access Free BGCSE  Past Papers.  We will be updating these regularly.

BGCSE Biology Past Papers

BGCSE Mathematics Past Papers

BGCSE English Language Past Papers

BGCSE Literature Past Papers

BGCSE Chemistry Past Papers

BGCSE Physics Past Papers

BGCSE History Past Papers

BGCSE Combined Science Past Papers

BGCSE Economics Past Papers

BGCSE Office Procedures Past Papers

BGCSE Bookkeeping and Accounts Past Papers

BGCSE Religious Knowledge Past Papers

BGCSE French Past Papers

BGCSE Geography Past Papers


To access the Bahamas Ministry of Education Curriculum Booklets click here.


  • tamz

    Do you have any past papers for Food and Nutrition

    • The Student Shed

      Hi Tamz, Sorry I do not have that paper.

  • Kayla

    Good afternoon this is Kayla, do you have anymore keyboarding, accounts and economics past papers.

  • Pauline Adderley-Blenman

    Do you have any music BGCSE past papers that you can upload here?

  • Tansey

    Hi Tremeco,
    I’m sorry but at the moment we do not have the keyboarding papers.


  • Tremeco Higgs

    Hey Tansey! I was hoping you guys would’ve had BGCSE Keyboarding Skills.

  • Deisha

    Are there no Computer Application BGCSE past papers? Preferably from 2013?

    • Tansey

      Hi Deisha,
      We do not have those papers. I will have to consider adding them for future updates.


  • Alexandria

    Hi, I was wondering if you can upload 2013 papers for office procedures,geography and economics please.

    • Tansey

      Will do for future updates.

  • deedee

    i need some food and nutrition past papers please.

    • Tansey

      Hi Deedee,
      I’ve had lots of requests for this paper, so I will certainly add them when I can.


  • Tristan

    Was hoping there would be spanish :(

    • Tansey

      Hi Tristan,
      We don’t have Spanish as yet, but here is an link to another website which has them;

      All the best!


  • Sandra

    Hey question.. im doing my bgcse’s as a private candidate. If your only taking paper 1 and you pass does that mean you get an A for the entire paper ? or thats just 50% and you need to take paper 2 in order for it to be a higher pass ?

  • Anya

    are there any keyboarding past papers please?

    • Tansey

      Hey Anya,
      Not yet. But I will add them in the future. Thanks for your request!


  • infinitewisdom

    Thank you so much for taking your time out to put these exams on here. I was wondering if you had access to the Spanish examinations, if not, when will you be expecting to get access to it?

  • cheryl

    how can you pay for the answers?

  • Peter

    When will you be getting some commerce papers?

    • Tansey

      Hi Peter,
      I can’t say for sure, but I will try to get them for the next school year.


  • Myah

    I need some past papers for Food and Nutrition and Carpentry and Joinery please.

    • Tansey

      Hey Myah,
      We’re working on it! Thanks for your request

  • anya

    no keyboarding?

  • B’Angelo Cartwright

    Any music BGCSE papers or CD’s?

    • Tansey

      Hey B’Angelo,
      No music papers as yet, but I’ll consider it for future updates.


  • Nellyj

    hello i was hoping you would also have commerce

    • Tansey

      Hey Nellyj,
      No commerce as yet. I’ll make a note to add it in the future.

  • Tansey

    Hi Kristin,
    At the moment, we don’t have Carpentry past papers. I’ll make a note of it for future updates. Thank you.


  • Kristin

    I don’t see any past papers for carpentry

  • Tansey

    Hi Dudley,
    I am unable to locate any of the food and nutrition papers online. Maybe you can check out the local Ministry of Education office on your island.

    In the meantime, I will keep your request in mind for our next update.


  • Dudley

    There isn’t any food and nutrition past papers. Do you know where i can find some ?

  • Rich

    Can I have bjc r.k please

  • Samantha

    How can I get access to past Spanish BGCSE papers?

    • Tansey

      Hi Samantha,
      We do not have any spanish papers as yet, but I have found this site here which has lots of BGCSE spanish past papers. See the link below.
      We will eventually be publishing spanish past papers as well.


      • Samantha

        Thank you very much! I appreciate that!!!

  • Azania

    Hey can I get some BGCSE Music past papers please?

    • Tansey

      Hi Azania,
      At the moment, I do not have music past papers. I’m sorry.

  • Paige

    I do not see any commerce papers

    • Tansey

      Hi Paige, sorry but I do not have that paper published as yet.

  • Blaire

    There are no geography past papers? Those were the ones I really needed:(

  • Neek

    I don’t see a past paper for RK